Happy National Doctors’ Day - July 1

“Wherever the art of Medicine is loved, there is also a love of Humanity.”

If we were to speculate the noblest of all the professions, doctors would come on top of our minds. Doctors save lives and their contribution to the progress of human society has remained crucial and irreplaceable. As we celebrate National Doctors’ Day today we at Impelsys want to thank all the doctors and healthcare professionals for their selfless contribution and incessant endeavour in understanding and enhancing human health. From the days of Hippocrates and Charaka to the modern days of advanced medical science, doctors have been the real heroes, they are the ones who help us heal physically and mentally, irrespective of the odds.

We celebrate National Doctors’ Day in India on July 1 since 1991, the celebration is an attempt to recognize and appreciate the value of doctors in our lives. July 1 was chosen to pay tribute to one of the greatest doctors of modern India, Bidhan Chandra Roy  (1 July 1882 – 1 July 1962), who was also an educationist, philanthropist, a freedom fighter and a chief minister.

As we celebrate the day of doctors in India we also know that healthcare in India, though having made notable progress since independence, suffers from a severe shortage of doctors. Despite the circumstances doctors are constantly in service to humanity, they go through rigorous training for years and they provide compassionate and relentless service to the society. On this day we salute our champions, we thank them for their hard work and all the sacrifices they make.

On National Doctors’ Day we wish a year full of good health and happiness to all the doctors and medical professionals, we also wish that the state of healthcare in India changes. iPC Health from Impelsys addresses some of the issues that currently the healthcare industry is facing in terms of training and development. The platform is a digital content and learning delivery solution specifically designed for hospitals to improve healthcare outcomes by fulfilling the training, development and compliance needs of healthcare professionals. We will continuously work on this front and innovate for the industry. It won’t be too long when every patient has access to necessary care. Happy Doctors’ Day, stay healthy!