Dear Friends,

Qualified healthcare personnel and skilled workforce are central to achieving the much-needed standardization in healthcare delivery system. Moreover, with shift in focus towards patient centered quality care, the need for highly skilled resources have become even more critical. Rising skill gap has emerged as one of the key barriers in healthcare. India is expected to face an acute skill gap of 12.7 million in the healthcare sector by 2022 (source NSDC).

In the wake of this imminent crisis, healthcare organizations are looking at efficient and impactful ways of upskilling and training their workforce. Some of the challenges faced by hospitals in imparting effective training include lack of standardization in various modes of training, brick and mortar learning environment, manual paper-based assessments, time constraints, compliance and regulatory requirements etc. High attrition rate further adds to the woes of the hospital who are already struggling with staff shortage.

iPC Health is a comprehensive learning and skill development platform for hospitals that keeps the workforce trained, engaged and updated with the best practices in healthcare through a wide range of digital courseware. The platform empowers the training providers by helping them manage and monitor the training all at one place whilst eliminating the need for paperwork and manual documentation of training records. For healthcare personnel, training on mobile device gives them flexibility to learn at their own pace and time. For organizations, the platform helps train staff on regulatory and compliance requirements, identify skill gaps, upskill employees to take on more responsibilities, allocate resources better, streamline trainings and thus create a more well-rounded, cross-trained, and experienced workforce.

iPC Health offers course modules on training and compliance requirements as recommended by NABH. The comprehensive course content covers all aspects of training related to medication management, patient services, laboratory quality, facility management, hospital infection control and more such important areas. Besides, the platform offers insights from experts from different healthcare domains through expert video talks on our own iPC Health you tube channel.

Another key offering are the Induction courses to effectively on-board and induct new talent into the system with minimal effort. The platform offers comprehensive training on hospital emergency codes, patient and hospital safety protocols with risk management measures, and best practices in hospital infection control. The modules are designed to provide core mandatory training and gives the staff, the practical information they will need to begin their new jobs.

Besides this, Soft skill courses on communication, conflict management, professional development, leadership will equip healthcare staff with the right skills and confidence to handle all kinds of difficult situations at workplace.

In the coming months, the platform will extend its offerings to include courses on emergency life support training (ACLS/BLS), department specific training and Nursing skills. The platform will soon offer access to a wide range of content in the form of journals, e-books, learning resources from some of the most renowned medical publishers in the world.

Digital healthcare education could go a long way to redefine the healthcare delivery in the country. By bringing standardization in training and development through use of technology, hospitals can improve healthcare outcomes by bridging existing skill gaps at every level in their organization.
We are confident that as your learning partner, we will work together to contribute towards creating a safe and robust healthcare delivery system. Stay tuned to get updates on the new courses available on the platform.

Dr. Renu Rawat
Head of Strategy-Content,
Impelsys India Pvt. Ltd.