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Healthcare sector today is undergoing rapid transformation in terms of quality service delivery, technology, operations, workforce management. One of the key concerns that the hospitals face today is that “whether the hospital staff has the adequate skills and is well equipped with the latest changes and techniques and do they have necessary training for attending to the patients”.

Skills of doctors, nurses, and technicians greatly impact patient outcomes – from life/death situations, faster and complete recovery, reduced re-admission rates, and shorter stays at the hospital. Hospitals need to have in place a solid and robust system to nurture, encourage, train and uplift their morale. Structured and effective induction & training programs can help new employees become productive quickly and adapt to the organization’s methods and culture. Skill development plays an important role in improving employee productivity. Hospitals need an end-to-end solution to deliver training, incorporate assessments, and provide real-time reports. They also need to implement a set of compliance parameters, especially related to training for continued learning.
iPC Health provides the perfect blend of learning and development for healthcare professionals in India – This can be your solution to the need of constructive training and induction.

The challenges of Classroom training vs benefits of iPC Health online training is as follows:

advantages of iPC health

iPC Health is a digital content and learning delivery solution specifically designed for hospitals to improve healthcare outcomes by fulfilling the training, development and compliance needs of healthcare professionals. The platform can be customized and comprehensively used for multipurpose, like recruitment, induction and human resource management.
Our mission is to improve the healthcare delivery in India and we will work tirelessly towards our goal.

Pandith Jantakahalli
AVP Product Management
Impelsys India Pvt. Ltd.</span